Whether you have gas, electric or instant hot water system, you may find you may experience a couple of plumbing issues.

Here are 5 hot water system issues and what you need to know to fix it:

No Hot Water

There are many reasons for not having hot water depending on your hot water system. If your system is powered by a gas boiler then you need to check that the boiler is igniting, if its electrical check your power and fuse board.

Not Enough Hot Water

This could be a number of reasons, firstly check what the thermostat temperature is, if it’s too low turn it up. If this isn’t the problem then you should check for a leak you can usually see this by looking around the cylinder for any signs of water.

If neither of these are the case then your hot water cylinder may be the wrong size for your hot water needs and you may need an upgrade.

Water is Too Hot

If your hot water is running at scolding temperatures then check your thermostat, if it is then run a test to see whether it is the TMV, turn down the thermostat to a temperature well below its current setting (if its set to 27 degrees reduce to 18), wait 5 minutes and then try the hot water again. If its still scolding hot then you may need to get your TMV repaired or replaced in which case you will need a qualified plumber.

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Discoloured or Smelly Water. …

This is usually caused by two things depending on where the smell is coming from. If it’s only when you are running your hot water then it could be a build-up of sediment and your hot water cylinder may need to be flushed.

If it’s from your cold water this could be an issue from your mains.

No Water at All.

If there is no water at all then this could be caused by a leak in your pipes or your main water system may be turned off. Check your mainline to make sure it’s on, read here to see how to find a leak and phone your local plumber to have a look further.