As professionals who have worked in the childcare and commercial sector for quite some time now, we thought we’d share a few of our playground ideas to inspire you on your journey and add some quick tips where we can.

Check out our Inspiration Playground catalogue below and remember these tips to building a fun playground that inspires the young and awe’s the old.

You can start by creating zones for different areas to inspire different activities like:

  1. Water Play Zone – big or small kids love to play with water (and parents know it) so why not create a controlled area where they can do this. I know every child would love to have a water fountain to run through but perhaps that’s a little too far for what you are trying to achieve so try a water maze or waterfall something the kids can control the waters flow and directional movements
  2. Musical Play Zone in another – add a musical wall to help the kids explore the different sounds created with various objects
  3. Sensory Zone – use plants for touch, smell & sight through a path of various textures and hanging objects that create sounds that kids can interact and listen to, all of which help touch on the children ‘s sensors
  4. Quiet Zone- this could be tepees in the middle of a garden, a log or stomps in the middle of gardens. A corner with outdoor books or painting area, all of which cater to the creative or more introverted children
  5. Make-believe Zone- forts with a ship wheel, bike paths are also great to learn to use directions, give way to others and more – these don’t need to be large just well thought out
  6. Why not create a Surprise Zone – a blank area that teachers create per week/ fortnight/ month

And once these become established, you can introduce additional ones.

See more ideas in our catalogue, by clicking below: