In a world where visual stimulants draw an audience and an eyesore deters, we thought we’d share a few of the more basic but amazing minor upgrades we completed.

You might be surprised to find that it doesn’t take much to create a fresh look.

Here are 6 simple ways to make your centre look more appealing:

1. Revamping your front entrance gardens 

A touch-up on your facility entrance could be as simple as replacing a few of the old plants with some new and switching up the mulch colour.
childcare entrance upgrade

2. Painting/Staining touch-ups

Whether its an object or a bridge, the balustrades in your backyard or the poles. A little paint can make even the oldest things look new and the tired look more lively. Upgrading has never looked easier.

revamp of car tire slide
before and after sand pit play
before and after of staining wood
before and after of revamp seesaw

3. Changing around your zones

In our last blog, we discussed different playground zones and the many ways you can add a bit of fun to your playground. It could be as simple as moving one zone to another or adding a new zone so that everyone is excited about their new space. Whether its a water feature, free play, imagination or reading zone. This change can make a big impact on children’s eagerness to explore and refresh your learning space.

Childcare centre Hanging Chair install

4. Introducing timber edging

We have found that at many centres they are moving away from standard Astro/ brick edging to a have a timber edge, upgrading the areas with a practical and professional finish. 

before and after sandpit renno
grass installation
build better steps
Little Scholars- green wall feature
full gutter

5. Sandpit, bark and soil top up

Like image #1 your gardens, sandpits and bark pits will look a lot fresher with a fresh top up, upgrading the overall feel and making it feel new.

new sandpit area

garden bed before and after

5. Floor Restoration

You may not see it but your floors wear overtime with a professional carpet clean or strip and seal you can easily shape up the look of your centre and have your visitors impressed.

inside cleaning before and after

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