Even the smallest of changes can make your playground more fun and can create a more visually appealing space for both children and adults to enjoy. After constant use of the same equipment children can lose interest, but with a few small changes to the area just watch the fun and enjoyment return.

A Playground Upgrade- Hill into climbing wall

By tweaking and adding in more design elements to your playground it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big expensive job. Most playgrounds are big areas with lots of equipment and are lacking the smaller more creative activities. By incorporating rolling hills or changing stairs to a climbing wall can vastly increase more options for play.

An easy way to change scenery is to add more landscape elements like adding winding paths to lead to different activities, more plants and flowers to create a more inviting appeal, or to incorporate water into different activities.


Children are always creating and love feeling like they are given free reign so why not incorporate a sandbox to allow them to create their own worlds and build their own castles. Although constant maintenance will have to be taken into consideration it’s a great way to get children involved in creating.

Another way to bring excitement back to the playground is to change spaces into something entirely different. A free area can be transformed into a figure eight bicycle track and also brings in the element of bikes, or why not add a mini basketball area where children can learn how to properly aim and shoot into a hoop.

If you notice your centre is lacking that excitement and fun that should be included in every playground Mathiou Services can help you design and create new activities and visuals to bring more appeal and enjoyment to your playground.

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