We all know how quickly things can wear and tear, and a playground is no different. A playground is actually something that should be checked and maintained regularly, but with all the equipment there does come a time when it needs to be replaced or refitted with newer features.

We have worked closely with many centres and schools over the years and have helped them achieve a more updated and upgraded playground that is both fun and safe for the children using them.

An important feature and element to consider is to upgrade your playground and make more inclusive for all ages creating a space for all, wheel or walk. Inclusivity is important to teach to our children and should be included in a playground. Having different parts of the playgrounds for different ages and skills ensures that the smaller children and older children both have equipment that they can enjoy but also challenge them.

By upgrading your playground this can also include the landscaping and creating a more visual appealing playground for all including plants and flowers, new seating, new equipment and new facilities. Even small upgrades such as paint jobs, fixing squeaky swings or upgrading the fencing can vastly improve your playground.

We have many examples on our previous posts on how we have improved and upgraded numerous centres and schools.

If your playground is in much need of an upgrade or maintenance checkup, don’t wait and risk the safety dangers call us now on 1300 363 423.