Timber Fence: How to Extend Its Life with Proper Maintenance

Just like a steadfast guardian of your commercial property, your timber fence stands against the test of time and the elements. But even the mightiest need a little care. So today, we’ll help you extend your timber fence’s life through proper maintenance. Check out our expert tips on how to keep your timber fence looking its best.

Inspect Your Timber Fence Regularly

Even the most durable commercial timber fence palings can be susceptible to weathering, rot and insect damage. So it’s vital to conduct regular visual inspections of your fence. Look for signs of damage, rot, loose boards or insect infestations. Catching issues early can prevent them from worsening and costly timber fence repairs.

Clean the Fence

Clean the fence periodically to remove dirt, debris and mould. Use a mild detergent and water, and scrub with a soft brush or sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after cleaning. Planning to pressure-wash your commercial timber fence? Check out our blog about pressure-washing commercial outdoor areas for more tips and tricks.

Trim Vegetation

Trim back any vegetation, vines or bushes growing near or against the fence. Why? Vegetation can trap moisture and promote rot. Don’t have time to deal with bushes growing around your fence? Consider professional gardening services. Such services will help ensure your garden and fence are well-kept, clean and healthy for your staff, clients and guests. 

Protect Against Moisture

Moisture is a major enemy of wooden fences. Ensure proper drainage around your fence to prevent water from pooling near the base. Do you have automatic sprinklers on your commercial property? Be sure to avoid sprinklers or hoses consistently spraying water onto the fence to protect the wood against moisture and premature rotting. 

Apply Water Repellent or Sealant

How to maintain a wood fence? Here’s one effective method: apply a water repellent or wood sealant to the fence to protect it from moisture and UV damage. Choose a product suitable for exterior wood and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stain or Paint the Timber Fence

Staining or painting your timber fence helps enhance its appearance while giving it an extra layer of protection. Stains and paints can help prevent moisture penetration and UV damage. Also, don’t forget to sand the fence. Sanding the fence’s surface can help remove weathered wood & provide a smooth surface for repainting or refinishing.

timber fence

Repair Damage Promptly

While commercial fencing installation can give your property a fresh look, you can save money by keeping your timber fence for a long time. How can you achieve that? Address any damage promptly. Replace or repair loose or rotting boards, nails or screws. Otherwise, ignoring minor damage can lead to more extensive & costly issues.

Treat for Insects

Termites and other wood-boring insects can wreak havoc on wooden fences, even the most expensive commercial timber fences. So consider treating the wood with an appropriate insecticide or seeking professional pest control services

Avoid Direct Ground Contact

Avoid having the bottom of the fence come into direct contact with the ground. Use concrete or metal posts or provide a gravel base to prevent moisture absorption.

Protect from Foliage

If plants or vines are placed near the fence, make sure they don’t rest against the wood. And when growing new plants near your commercial fencing, provide adequate spacing to allow air circulation and prevent moisture build-up.

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