A hardwood floor can definitely add to the appeal of your facility and introduces detail into the space. But if your hardwood floors are not the shiny strong healthy floor it once was it may be time to start looking at replacing it.

Although hardwood floors are great at lasting the test of time, they still do eventually deteriorate, some quicker than others depending on the foot traffic and the general wear and tear it is subject to.

There is of course the possibility of refinishing the flooring but there are only so many times you can refurnish before replacing it becomes the only option. It may sound like a nuisance to do but is an important part of any facility so to project a level of professionalism and upkeep.

There are some warning signs you can look out for to determine if your hardwood floor needs replacing.

Cracked or Peeling

This is not something that just happens from out of nowhere and is generally caused due to water damage, as the trapped moisture can create in peeling or cracked floor over time.

Soft/Bouncy Feeling

A hardwood floor should be durable and sturdy, but if notice any spring or bouncy feeling in them this is a major indicator it’s time to replace it. This is due to moisture and old age and if left unattended can create further damage to the rest of the floor.

Creaky floors

Do you sometimes hear that little creak when you step on that certain spot in your flooring? This is actually very common when you’ve had the flooring for a long time, but we understand how annoying and frustrating it is to hear every time. This can be due to numerous issues with uneven subflooring or temperature changes but to fix the issue a new hardwood floor replacement is due.

Too many refinishings

The hardwood floor can be refinished numerous times but the quality of the wood won’t be as good and the process will stop working eventually. There comes a point where the only way to repair the flooring is to completely replace it.

It may seem like refinishing it may be an easier solution but if you notice any of the following points mentioned or you want a new change in design or direction a new replacement is definitely required.

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