A new centre is coming to Thornton New South Wales, and with every new centre you need a playground to match. Our project team worked alongside the Community Kids Thornton team to develop a playground that the children and staff can enjoy.

The area was completely transformed by installing new synthetic turf, sandstone, garden beds, water features and rocks. Because of the location our team really focused on bringing the garden bed and plants to focus by adding a vibrant landscape mulch to the area. Plant additions included Peppermint Willows, Red Oaks, Copper Glow and Golden Robinias to give the external area a more vibrant and green appeal.

The children will be excited for their new play area which was able to feature new soft fall mulch, sand, wet pour rubber and premium synthetic grass. This allows them to enjoy their new sandpit, water feature and play fort with the safety of quality materials and soft fall support. The playground has been a crowd pleaser with the children are now able to explore and discover the raised platforms to jump on and off, and the slides, stairs, and scramble nets to challenge them.

We also added an element of water play with the addition of the water feature, created by using crushed rock base and whole rocks which added a stunning visual to the area. The Exterior is now appealing and inviting to both children and adults and can be used to relax, explore, and create.

Mathiou Services wishes every child in Australia to have the access and opportunity to a creative and safe playground to learn and grow. If your centre could do with some help or a complete transformation we are able to provide a custom designed space created just for your centre.

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