Planning to renovate or update your facilities and buildings? Don’t forget to include internal and external painting in your budget, as a new paint job can completely change a space and revamp your facilities.

Whether you want to add a feature wall, patch up cracking colour, or completely do over the whole space, adding a few coats of paint can do a world of difference with numerous benefits:

Internal paint job:

Painting a door in a bright colour or adding a fresh new coat of paint to your window sills can make such a difference to your space by bringing a more polished look and feel to your facilities. A crisp white can bring a fresh and clean feeling to any space, whilst a bright colour can present a personalised creative touch to a room or space.

Foyer PaintingInterior Paint

External paint jobs:

We often forget about the exterior, it’s the area that takes on the most damage due to weather and UV light. It’s worth adding in a new fresh coat of paint to your budget as the exterior is known to be the focus of first impressions, and it will help with the longevity of the facility. Presenting an up to date exterior will set up your facility as one that takes itself seriously.

Burleigh office before paitingMathious Services Exterior Paint Work


When factoring in the cost for painting in your next budget there are many important items to take into consideration. This task can sound long and tedious, but with Mathiou Services we can take that hassle away for you by meeting to discuss and plan every little factor into the big picture. You won’t have to be blindsided by numbers as we can factor in your budget and plans for the final project and determine the best solution for you and your business.

If you want your facility or building in top form come this 2018, don’t forget, and book in today!

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