Making sure children stay active but can still enjoy their free time is something we have been aiming for with our recent upgrades to The Learning Tree Aspley. The completed project saw a whole new transformation of the centre and is now being enjoyed and used by the children.

Bringing in more natural features has enabled the children to enjoy being outside exploring and playing, with safety assurances and practices across all new installments.

The project saw the completion and transformation of the installment of a detailed interactive garden inside a sealed concrete path, fence and finishing with a new coat of paint. Segments of a concrete path were removed and continued to the fence, a sleeper installment beside the end of the path to hold the bark and a new deck with fascia installed around the tree. This was then completed and finished with natural turf.

The children were excited to see the old fort and swing structure removed and installed with a brand new one allowing them to play safely. The Mathiou Services team also removed the old tyres and cleaned the drainage pit that was unsafe/outdated and replaced it with a new garden bed with timber framing.

The transformation included a new timber fence and deck with balustrade and fascia which has made the area look more visually inviting and appealing, with the children’s favourite being the new climbing area on the slope with new green astro turf.

Overall, the centres transformation has got the children enjoying the new space and the staff enjoying the new outdoor visuals. This space will now be able to be used and enjoyed for many children over many years.

Our team has enjoyed providing a space that is both visually appealing and safe for enjoyment. If you think your centre needs a touch up with safety or more natural features contact us at 1300 363 423 for more information.