Your property is a big investment, new or old, the value is in how it ages and what it looks like year-on-year.  By having professional painter touch up your facilities you:

  1. Save money – When painted regularly, you reduce the amount of paint used because you are not needing as many coats of paint to make it look fresh.
  2. Increase Property value – According to a paint touch-up can instantly add upwards of $20k to a property.
  3. Sales increase – ever hear the saying “dress to impress”? A paint touch-up is the equivalent to a fashion cat walk. You literally WOW your clients with the way your property looks with a fresh coat of paint, making it a lot easier to close a sale, or sign on clients.
  4. Brand Value – If you are running a business, perception and image is 60% of the job, how you present your business increases the value of your brand to the public and investors.

How often should you do a paint touch-up on your property?

Touch ups are best done once every 1-2 years for maintenance purpose or when you start to see chips, marks or fading. This reduces costs in the long run.

Other Painting tips

  1. When painting, use quality products to ensure longevity
  2. Plan your paint colours – pick colours that can outlast trends, wear and tear and light – read here for tips on choosing paint colour.
  3. If you are thinking of a full paint job see our blog on how often this should happen.
  4. Hire professional painters to do the job, cliché as it is but professionals know wat they are doing, they should have the right tools and the right qualifications

Our team of professional’s painters have experience with working with children and on commercial properties so if you need someone to paint your facility, contact us today on 1300 363 423 or email.

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