How to choose the best trades company for you

Whether you’re a property investor, homeowner, or business owner It’s important to know the difference between a commercial builder and a residential builder. Especially if they’re working around children. For Mathiou Services we work solely through companies, governments, childcare, aged care and schools and this checklist is the FIRST thing all our trade technicians and suppliers must pass to be on-boarded and employed.

  1. Do they have the correct qualification (if technician)
  2. Do they have up-to-date licenses (trade specific, driving or otherwise)
  3. Do they have an up-to-date police check (required every 12 months)
  4. Do they have insurance coverage? (for suppliers or third-party contractors)
  5. Experience – what kind of commercial experience do they have?
  6. For new builds – do they have a white card?
  7. For existing facilities that work with children – Do they have a blue card?
  8. Do they have great reviews & recommendations?
  9. What are their hours of service?
  10. Check Communication and rapport process
Download PDF here