Pros and cons of one trade company vs. hiring multiple

This is the big question of the hour: Do we hire one company who have multiple services to get one project completed vs. multiple companies to cover one service.

To answer this, you would need to go over your end goal. What are you trying to achieve and do you have all the information on how to achieve it? From there if you are doing it on your own you need to ask:

  • What trades are required?
  • How long will it take to do the job per trade and overall?
  • What type of company can we employee?
  • What insurances do they have and can they provide the paperwork prior to the job?
  • If you’re a school, childcare or aged care have they had all the right checks and can they provide all this paperwork to you
  • What type of products will they use? Is it long lasting or is it cheap and nasty?
  • Is the quote provided industry standard? Over-priced? Really cheap and why?
  • How many people do I need to get the job done on time and without blowing out the budget?

If you are having problems answering any of these questions then maybe having one of our team quote you on your job and help guide you through the process could be beneficial.

Pros of multi-service or one stop shop building & maintenance service

  1. You get a project manager

With a multi-service company, depending on the structure of the company, you will receive an experienced project manager who oversees your project or job from beginning to end.  This person is generally your point of contact within the company and has all trades coordinated.

At Mathiou Services, this person is an experienced tradesperson or multi tradesperson so you can guarantee you’re talking to someone who knows what you require from the moment you phone or email your enquiry.

It’s also their job to:

  • Be on the pulse of everything that is happening day in and day out,
  • Ensure that every person who comes onto your site meets, at best, the minimum requirement for licenses, insurances and qualifications whether it’s for suppliers or qualified technicians.
  • Ensure all supplies are purchased and delivered on time.
  • Ensuring the project is running on time and to budget.
  1. All the scheduling is done for you

Whether this is done by your project manager or a scheduler if you have a project that requires more than one trade this person does the juggling for you and is constantly on the pulse of what of trade is required and when.

For example, when working on a project where you may require multiple trades, the last thing you want is to book a plasterer in for 10am only to have the plumber hold them up costing you money by the hour and wasting their time.

  1. Buying power

Because a multi-service company uses a lot more supplies than other single trades the cost of goods can be negotiated more and is generally handed down to the consumer to get a more competitive price on the overall project.

  1. Multi-trade Tactic knowledge

Under a one-stop shop like Mathiou Services provide, you are guaranteeing that the order and schedule are carefully analysed and triple checked through all trade heads, estimators who are experienced builders and project managers who have been through the process over hundreds if not thousands of times ensuring you are getting the best option according to your scope, budget and timeframe.

  1. A fixed price for the project (based on the initial scope of works)

You can sleep well knowing the project manager, purchaser and estimators have had multiple quotes come through from a minimum of 3 suppliers to get the best price for you. Then collated and approach each supplier to ensure availability and on time delivery. You have then received a break down of cost and scope of works to approve or add/subtract to. But essentially, you’re given a definitive cost to pay for the project and any variations are always pre-approved.

  1. A carefree experience knowing all the paperwork, plan and purchasing is completed All while you focussed on your day to day work.

Benefits of a single service trade

For some people who know their trades and can easily identify sequence and requirements and have the time to coordinate the job more completely this could be for you.

  1. Direct trade quotes mean tighter cost management
  2. Control on tasks and supply costs
  3. Esurance that the carpenter’s work is up to your standards
  4. You become the project manager so you control the schedule.

Negatives of a multi-service or one-stop shop company

  1. The saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is always the first thing that comes to mind, and with the wrong company can lead to a souring experience.
  2. Control is generally left to the company so they can better coordinate the project or job
  3. The inflexibility of Costs – once you receive the fixed cost and have signed on you are unable to change costs.

Negatives of a single trade company

  1. A lot of personal time invested in monitoring, coordinating, and collecting information
  2. Costs can easily be excessive as there is no fixed price
  3. No guarantee on time allocated – although this would be similar for multi companies, the impact is larger on a single trade company as you (as the project manager) would need to find a new replacement.

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