If your facility has a sandpit you will find that maintenance is the key to keeping its longevity. Sandpits are a great source of fun and creativity but can also be a potential home for bacteria and infection. The main focus is to keep it clean and well maintained.

Here are some guidelines to follow for your sand pit maintenance

  1. Have covers- Sandpits must be kept covered when your centre is closed to prevent anything from getting in like animals, and anything that can be inappropriately discarded like glass and rubbish.
  2. Appropriate depth – The sand should be an appropriate depth for safety reasons and so that it can be easily raked over before each use to help look for any foreign objects that shouldn’t be in there. The sand should be raked occasionally during the day to get exposure.
  3. Remove any foreign items – If any items or objects are found in the sand, depending on the item use a shovel and dispose of the item immediately and if there is a large amount found the sand may need to be replaced to de-contaminate it.
  4. Stay Hygienic – Make sure children use the appropriate health and safety rules after playing in the sandpit by washing their hands after each use.
  5. Good drainage – Especially if children are using a lot of water in the sandpit make sure that there is proper drainage so that it can dry properly.

4 Bimbi-Day Care - sandpit-after

It’s important to stay on top of these hygiene and safety guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your sandpit. If you think your centre needs help maintaining your sandpit or it’s well overdue for sand top up Mathiou Services can help. We use 100% Washed sand which is safe for children and is certified which we know is a requirement for childcare facilities. Call us on 1300 363 423 for a quote today.

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