Sandpits are a great form of enjoyment and bark pits provide a much needed under surfacing fall material, but both need regular maintenance and top ups to make sure that the children’s safety stays a top priority.

Sandpit Top Ups:

Outdoor Sandpits are relatively simple and is used a lot around Australia as an under surfacing material and play element. However, sand requires a fair bit of maintenance especially with changing weather conditions. Depending on where the sand is situated it could need more regular top ups than others.

An important tip; if your outdoor sandpit is a smaller play sand pit make sure that a cover is placed on it at the end of every day so that it is protected from the rain, animals and falling debris. But sooner or later your sand will need to be replaced and topped up with new sand as sand can become home to dirt, debris, animal droppings and can get destroyed by heavy rain falls. A sand pit top-up is just what it needs so children can continue to enjoy the sand safely.

Bark Pit Top Ups:

Bark/mulch is one of the most common under surfacing materials used in playgrounds around Australia, and for good reason; It’s inexpensive and stops major injuries if children do fall off equipment. Just like sand pits, bark pits need to be regularly checked and maintained for anything that may be hiding underneath and will need to be replaced if the mulch has become too shallow or wet. The bark will need to be removed and then replaced making sure that the height follows possible fall guidelines.

Mathiou Services takes the safety of all children and staff members very seriously, you can be assured that whilst we complete the project of your sandpit for kids, we make sure to take effective safe and regulated procedures so that no harm or disturbance occurs.

If your facility, child care centre, or school is in need of a sand pit or bark pit top up don’t hesitate and call us now on 1300 363 423 so we can make sure your facility is back to running smoothly and safely.