Are you thinking of doing up your centres gardens? Or maybe you need some soft fall bark for a playground? It’s important to know which mulch or bark to invest in. Different bark or mulch has different purposes.

First, you have to decide what you are doing to the garden or exterior of your centre, from there Mathiou Services can help find the perfect one for you.

For visual purposes:

Cedar chip mulch has a great natural vibrant colour that is well suited as a decorative mulch, as well as other coloured mulch which can be colour coordinated with plants and garden landscapes.

For Playgrounds and equipment:

This bark needs to be safe for falls and be approved by Australian safety standards. Often a mixture of pine bark mulch is non-toxic and also helps the plants around thrive and develop their own ecosystem to increase root development.

For plants:

There are a few great options for using around and on top of plants. Clearly there is the option of compost mulch which is used to build garden soils that are lacking in organic matter and can feed your plants some extra nutrients. Depending on what you want the mulch to do, a blend of recycled timber and composted organics will help build soil structure and suppress weed growth. 

There are plenty of options out there and with the help of Mathiou Services we can help find the right one for you.

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