Another year has crept up on us and with the new year, new changes are in order. So why leave your playgrounds resolution of a makeover to the back burner. Let us help you make your playground dreams into a reality.


First, start by looking at your playground and determine what you already, what improvements could be made and what could be added. What energy do you want to bring to the space and if the children will enjoy it. Ask the children (if possible), or just observe can really help to see what is missing. Is anyone waiting for a turn on something, is an area never used or is there not enough room in general? Or maybe the area just needs a colour change or the use of more plants.

Just add paint

It’s no secret we love a paint job, and with your playground you can add creativity and colour, or even incorporating murals to add some more personalised flair. After a few years playgrounds can lose that shiny new look, let Mathiou Services help bring that back for you.  

Visual scenery improvements

Your playground doesn’t have to have a major renovation or change to it, maybe all it needs is some more visual scenery around it to make it look more appealing. Adding in some nice plants, paths, or benches can all add to the overall feel and look of a playground. You want your playground to be inviting, safe and unique.

Standalone Structures

Maybe you noticed the older children not being challenged enough, or the younger children want a space that is more creative and immersive for them. Why not bring in some standalone structures like a climbing wall or frame for the older children, or a cubby house for the younger children so they can role play and further their imagination.

General Improvements

Or maybe you’ve decided that your area needs more tables and benches for the children to eat lunch at, or even some more shade in the form of shade sails to provide protection from the sun.

No matter what the improvement or design Mathiou Services can work closely with you to help create your ideas and then put them into action by providing you with the playground you and your children deserve.