It has already been a busy start to the new year for Mathiou Services, we have been working closely with the Highfields Childcare Centre to assist them with the transformation of their brand new outside play area. Before the Mathiou Services team swooped in to save the play area, it consisted of worn out equipment that we were happy to remove and replace with a brand new fort and swing seats!

Our team worked closely with the team at Highfields Childcare Centre to select the perfect new equipment that would fit the area. After deciding on the new equipment, we went in and began removing all of the old playground, clearing the whole space ready for the new playground. The new playground included everything a child would want with a brand new slide, jumbo rock wall with a climbing rope, a ship wheel, jumbo binoculars, handles and a PVC roof.

The new equipment brought excitement and joy to the children who are now able to use these facilities, and for Highfields Child Care Centre, the outside play area now has a completely fresh look to match the inside of their centre. By updating and bringing in the new equipment to the area, it now has a completely different feel due to the natural texture of the timber in comparison to the previous bright coloured steel that was removed.

If your centre is in need of an upgrade or if you think your centre needs to be transformed, look no further than Mathiou Services. Contact us today at 1300 363 423 to learn more about how we can assist you with the transformation of your centre.