It goes without saying that summer in Australia can be overwhelmingly hot, so ensuring your centre or facility has sufficient shade is crucial to beating the heat.

A great and simple alternative is to create your own shade if your outside area is lacking in shade options. This can be done by simply adding shade sails to your outside area, they are able to reflect the heat and instead keep the area nice and cool.Why shade sails are so important for your centre v1

Shade sails are great for providing a peace of mind that your workplace or childcare centre is protected, and not just from the heat either! Shade sails also double as a great shielding from rainy weather and can protect sandpits and certain areas that don’t necessarily need water maintenance.

In Australia, especially over the last decade, we have learnt the grave importance of protecting ourselves from the sun and we have already made massive strides in this to eliminate the risk of skin cancer and skin damage. But, although getting some sun is needed, sometimes we have to remind ourselves that our body requires protection, with warning signs of sweating, dehydration and sunburn.

Don’t let your facilities lack in sun safety! Shade sails are a lot more affordable than you think and can also add a great visual appeal to your exterior space. At Mathiou Services we have a variety of colours and material options for you to choose from depending on the look you are going for and what you want the shade to do. Darker colours tend to block more light and therefore create more shade and a darker lighting underneath, while whites and lighter colours reflect the heat. However, any reflective surface such as water will bounce off the light surface.

We want to make sure that your facility and centre is well looked after and that everyone can be sun safe. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things shade sails and want to help you, call us at 1300 363 423 to get your shade sails installed or replaced today!

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