Like everything we own or acquire over time things will wear and lose their vibrancy, this also applies to shade sails. It’s important to have working shade sails otherwise their job as a shade supplier starts to lack and the heat and UV rays will be more susceptible to people.

There are some very obvious signs though to see if your shade sails just aren’t working like they used to:

Colour fading:

Bright Orange custom shape, doubled with a smaller triangle

If you can see that the original colour of the shade sails have faded a considerable amount to the point that they are no longer vibrant, they are most likely not able to block as much heat and UV rays out. These will need to be replaced as they are probably old and have been subject to a lot of weather conditions.

Rips, tears and damage:

Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable and mother nature will unleash one of her strong storms and winds on us. When this happens, the sails can be caught in the crossfire and even small damages like rips and tears can lead to major damage throughout stormy weather conditions.

Mildew, grime and dust:

If shade sails are installed incorrectly they can hold water and go on to produce mildew. Mildew can also be caused due to damp and humid weather conditions. Grime and dust we can’t stop, but with general cleaning every now and then this can prevent it from gathering and wearing the sails down. If your shade sails are not well maintained these elements can age the sails faster than expected.

Luckily, Mathiou Services are available to help you out with any shade sail problems whether it is a simple clean or a small repair. We can also help you decide what sails are the best fit for your centre.

Contact us at 1300 363 423 for more information on shade sails and how we can help.

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