When a storm strikes, it can leave behind a trail of destruction in its wake. While the immediate concern often centres on commercial property cleanup and flood restoration, there’s one crucial aspect you shouldn’t overlook: commercial electrical systems. Storms, with their powerful winds, lightning and heavy rains, can cause lots of damage to electrical systems in commercial buildings. Ensuring the safety and functionality of these systems is important for both the occupants of the building and the overall business operation. Let’s explore further why commercial electrical inspections are essential after a storm and what exactly you should have checked. 

Mitigating Safety Concerns

Storms can damage electrical wiring, circuits and other essential pieces of electrical equipment, leading to potential safety hazards such as electrical fires, electrocution or short circuits. Prompt inspections can identify and mitigate these dangers. If you immediately notice areas that are unsafe due to storm damage, clearly mark them with warning signs and use barriers to prevent access. This helps prevent accidents and demonstrates a commitment to safety.

Preventing Further Damage

What happens if electrical damage goes unnoticed or unaddressed? It can lead to further deterioration and more extensive and expensive repairs. But with timely electrical safety inspections, you can catch these issues early, preventing them from escalating.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Electrical systems are undoubtedly critical for the operation of many businesses like yours. After a storm, it’s essential to make sure your commercial building’s electrical infrastructure is functioning correctly to avoid costly downtime and other disruptions.

Following Code Compliance

Of course, electrical systems must meet relevant local building codes and regulations. Storm damage, however, can result in non-compliance. With electrical inspections, you can identify areas that need to be brought up to code. Then, you can promptly hire electrical repairs and other necessary commercial electrical services.

Meeting Insurance Requirements

Many insurance policies require businesses to conduct post-storm inspections to assess damage and ensure the electrical system is safe and functional. So, if you are still unsure what to do after a storm, that is another reason to call for electrical safety inspections. Compliance with those requirements is essential for the claims process.

Identifying Hidden Damage

Not all storm-related electrical damage is immediately apparent. Hidden damage, such as water infiltration into electrical components, can worsen over time. Inspections can uncover hidden issues that may not be evident during a cursory visual assessment.

Restoring Energy Efficiency

Storm damage can affect your electrical systems’ energy efficiency. Electrical safety inspections can help identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements, potentially saving your business money on energy costs.

Protecting Equipment

Electrical surges during storms can damage expensive equipment and electronics within a commercial building. Ensuring the electrical system is functioning can help protect these valuable assets. Also, keep detailed records of all storm-related actions you take, including cleanup efforts, repairs, inspections and communication with relevant parties. This documentation can be valuable if insurance or legal issues arise.

Reducing Liability

Your business may be liable if an electrical issue leads to property damage or harm to individuals. Regular electrical inspections and timely repairs can help reduce the risk of such liability. You should also train your employees and tenants on safety procedures and how to respond in case of a storm. Educated individuals are less likely to engage in risky behaviour during a disaster.

Getting Peace of Mind 

Do you need another reason to call for electrical inspections after a storm? Peace of mind. Knowing the electrical system is safe and operational provides peace of mind to you, your staff, clients and other building occupants. It allows everyone in the building to return to their regular activities confidently.

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It is clear: After a storm, you have to engage a qualified and licensed electrician or electrical inspector to assess the electrical system in your commercial building thoroughly. Equipped with proper equipment and knowledge of electrical inspection guidelines, they can identify any damage, recommend necessary repairs or replacements and ensure your electrical infrastructure is safe and compliant with local regulations. Remember, these inspections are essential in your post-storm recovery process, helping your business resume normal operations quickly and safely.

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