As we are in the winter months, it is vital to make sure your commercial facilities and buildings can thrive in the cold and windy weather. This includes check ups on the electrical safety throughout the facility.

Here is the facility’s winter checklist you need to understand and coordinate with your emergency technicians properly.

Control Lighting

The largest consumer of energy in commercial facilities is lighting. Consider installing light sensors like photodiodes or ambient light detection that detects daylight and will not open if there’s natural light in any room. Another option is using building automation systems (BASs) which control certain functions in a building, including lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

Cooling System

Make sure to shut down all of the cooling systems inside the building since you won’t be using these during winter. This includes draining the cooling tower, emptying the condensate drain trap and shutting down the chiller. Although some AC units automatically shut down in cold weather, some units need to be manually closed.

Heating Systems

The second-largest energy consumer is space heating, and you need to ensure that it’s well-maintained to save energy. Create a regular maintenance schedule with your trusted electricians. Also, check flues for carbon build-up and regularly remove and clean burners to avoid risky dioxide and carbon monoxide leaks. You must consider replacing your equipment if it has more than 10 years of usage to ensure safety and efficiency.

Regulate Thermostat

Regulating your thermostats is key to achieving optimal temperatures during the winter season. If you’re using a smart thermostat, ensure it is placed in a room or hallways and not obstructed by bookshelves or doors as it may affect the wireless internet connection. Contact a professional commercial electrician in Australia if you have questions about your facility’s wiring.

Power Outages Preparedness

Intense snow, high winds and heavy rains can wreak havoc on your commercial building, leading to unexpected power outages. The best thing to do is know the building’s power consumption to have the correct size generator set up if an outage occurs. Every commercial building should have backup power when needed. Ensure your equipment has been maintained properly to avoid short circuits and power surges.

Operations and Maintenance Program

Saving energy bills and ensuring electrical safety throughout the building relies on regular operations and maintenance programs. It can be monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the maintenance tasks like calibrating sensors, replacing air filters and heating coils, detecting and sealing leaks, cleaning vents and valves and checking outdated equipment and systems for efficiency.

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