4 Tips and Tricks on how to hire a tradesman

Tip #1 – How to spot a leak before it turns into a bigger, more expensive job?

  1. Stain on roof or wall- almost a rusty colour is a great indication something is happening through the wall. Generally, these are gnarly to detect as they are often from leaking pipes or roofs
  2. Puddles- this may be obvious but trying to find the flow of where this is coming from will no doubt lead to the source of the problem, contact a plumber to get this sorted immediately
  3. Incessant dripping – this could mean the tap fixture seals aren’t working, the facilities roof may have a leak, or one of your pipes could be clogged causing a back-up of water. A great way to find out how to test for leaks before calling a plumber can be found here

Tip # 2 – Get the inside scoop on the two (or possibly three) options on how you pay your tradesman.

In the world of building and maintenance, you have 2 options of payment with a possible third: fixed price, hourly or do-and-charge. Know what works for you and your team before employing a trades company.

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Tip # 3 –  Find out what questions to ask your
tradesman before you hire them

#4: Final Tip – Research discounts or offers on the trade you require

A simple google search on the trade you want plus the term “discount”, “promotions”, “deals” will help hunt out all those hidden promo pages, ad offers and little nuggets that can help you get the best offer.

Just remember to check this checklist before you hire.

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