Start your year off right by scheduled playground maintenance. Why? A playground should be a safe and fun place for children to enjoy their time outside, but what happens when the sand gets gritty and uncomfortable to play with, or there is constantly rubbish hidden in-between the equipment? It becomes an unsafe and dirty environment.

Regular maintenance with anything helps prevent further damages or emergency situations from occurring, this also applies with playgrounds. Having scheduled or regular maintenance for your playground will ensure that your playground is kept up to date and within regulations as well as keeping it clean and tidy.

A regular maintenance handyman from Mathiou Services will not just turn up and do the required task but they will learn the ins and outs of your facility, ensuring that they are professional and keep permanent records of inspections and maintenance of your playground including:

  • Equipment records- this includes installation dates, date logs of maintenance to the equipment, any damages, and inspection dates.
  • General Inspections- any checks, or regulated inspections needs to be noted, as well as anything that needed to be fixed, replaced or completely taken out
  • Maintenance- procedures, logs of what was done that day or what wasn’t

It’s not just the longevity and wear and tear that needs to be maintained and looked after, there are many other maintenance procedures that need to be taken into consideration. Weather conditions as uncontrollable as they are can create different environments for the playground, windy weather conditions can bring in numerous debris and rubbish, whilst heavy rainfall can create flooding slippery surfaces. Different weather conditions can also bring in those nasty pests like spiders and roaches, by having regular pest control this can keep those pests at bay.

Having and maintaining a playground may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. At Mathiou Services we pride ourselves in giving the best-qualified service to ensure that your facilities playground is kept safe, clean and fresh.