We know how busy life can get with everything happening at once, sometimes the jobs we think are small if left unattended can turn into something much bigger and more expensive to fix. Regular maintenance is an easy fix to making sure that your facility or centre is running smoothly all year round without any surprises to catch you and your wallet off guard.

Certain areas may require more regular maintenance than others, but like your car or your body, your facility or child care centre needs this maintenance to ensure that everything runs smoothly and kept in the best possible condition.

But why you ask? Especially when money and time are invested it’s important to understand the benefits of what regular maintenance can do for your business.

You’ll save money

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking how is spending money on maintenance going to help me save money? Well, it all revolves around the long term appeal and making sure that any small problems are resolved before a massive price tag appears. It’s about spotting the preventative damage before anything else can happen, spending a bit of money on fixing a roof is better than paying for all the damages that happen if it collapses. Cleaning outside gutters regularly can save a property from fire and fixing a leaking tap can save the pipe from bursting.

Maintain or increase business interest

Looking at a business from the outside in is just as important as the services that the business offers. A dull unpainted wall in the foyer of a waiting room, lack of playground equipment for children at child care centres, or the lack of kitchen upgrades for break rooms can all affect how a potential customer looks at your business or facility. With updated facilities or even just a fresh coat of paint, this can change the whole appearance of a space and can definitely help attract more potential customers to your business, as well as making it a more enjoyable place to work.

Improve Safety

With regular maintenance to the inside and outside of your facility, this can dramatically improve the safety of your business. Broken air systems can create a change in temperature which can be detrimental to young children, faulty electrical devices can create fires and water leaks can create mould growth. A dramatic list, but a list that could occur if regular maintenance is not completed.

Reduce the amount of stress

As we approach the end of this list, it probably doesn’t help with your stress levels. However, with regular maintenance for your business or facility, it can be so much easier to stay on top of tasks and you can be assured that your centre is in a safe condition.

At Mathiou Services we offer all different types of scheduled maintenance so that your facility is always looked after. As we are always on call, if anything springs up unannounced, you can rest easy knowing that the Mathiou Services team will save the day.

Contact us here for more details on how regular maintenance can improve your commercial facility or send us an email at connect@mathiouservices.com.au