Over the past two months, Mathiou Services’ team has been working extensively with Affinity Education Group to roll out a major national‘refresh’ program across their network of 160+ ‘Lifelong Learning Centres’. The program has been aimed at giving each centre a needed revamp or refresh across the centres with a strong focus on the health and safety.

Affinity Education Group sent a survey to each Lifelong Learning Centre, giving the teams an opportunity to help self-identify areas of each centre that needed to be upgraded, refreshed or even developed. These surveys help to ensure a clear vision from each centre, allowing our team to hit the works head on.

The main refresh works involved;

  • New or replacement astro turf installed
  • Bark pit installation and construction
  • Pressure washing astro turf and soft fall
  • Soft fall installation or replacement
  • New shade sail replacements and installation
  • Gate and fencing replacements

The centres are now in the final stages of the national refresh program. Take a look at some of the spectacular before and after’s from a couple of the major projects across the Lifelong Learning Centres Australia-wide;