Have you been having a number of problems dealing with pests that cannot seem to leave your centre or your commercial property? We understand that they can be a nuisance and very embarrassing to have them running around the place. Fortunately, Mathiou Services have the solution. We have a number of tips that will take care of the problem for you.

Top Tips To Keep The Pests Out;

There are pests that can crawl right through cracks and even gaps. It is important to inspect your doors and windows to check if they are cracked or broken, or those that do not fit perfectly so that they can be repaired to eliminate the problem.


There are also inlets for pests into your centre or your commercial property. Usually, pests can get through gaps around pipes and electric or cable wiring, roof tiles that are missing, and any other place with a gap, crevice or crack. 


One of the primary reasons why pests infest a property is because of the conducive environment that the place offers; a dirty environment. Keep the premises clean and you will not have to deal with pests. If the place is clean, it will not create a breeding ground for pests.


Inspect your premises and look out for cracks or gaps found inside your premise. Check the kitchen cabinets, the stoves, the refrigerators, vents that are wet, pipes and also the juncture between the floors and the walls. These are potential pest homes.


Usually, gunk and debris forms in the sink drain, as well as the floor drains. Debris often attracts pests, as they consequently provide perfect breeding grounds for them especially smaller ones. Any place that serves as drainage should be properly maintained.

Our professional maintenance services can help with all these problems by making the necessary repairs and improving the look, appearance, functionality, and state of the premises thereby eliminating all breeding grounds for pests as well as getting rid of the pests entirely. Contact us today.