Congratulations Anders on completing your internship and Master’s in HR!

Anders had been an intern as part of our HR team for the past few months. He has just completed and graduated with his Masters in Human Resources at Griffiths University.

Originally from Norway, Anders has been in Australia for five years. He came here for his studies, initially completing a Bachelor of Business – majoring in HR, then went on to complete his Masters. He had previously worked within the construction manufacturing industry for many years so he fit in quite nicely here at Mathiou Services.

When asked why he did an internship he said; “Most of my experience is not in an office environment and so to be more ready for a full-time job in an office an internship was the right way to gain experience.”

He had three main goals: “1. Developing a good understanding of phone screening. 2. Learn the full circle of the recruitment process. 3. Enhance my time management routine”

At the time we asked him what his goals were he said, “With goal 1 I am getting close to having reached, Goal 2 is briefly touched on and will be more of when more people are hired, in other words, fewer applicants need to be phone screened. Regarding goal 3 there are steps that I possibly could do to be better at, but is more of my own time spend on each task provided and in how I solve them.”

At the end of his internship when asked he hit all 3 goals, he said he had. We asked what his favourite part was and his response was ” Definitely booking the interviews after I have phoned screened”.

Anders has since left to start his career back in Norway, we wish him the best of luck on his journey.