Here are 5 reasons why you need to schedule gutter maintenance:

1 Prevent gutters and downpipes from clogging

Gutters clog as a result of a build up of debris such as leaves, toys, plants, rodents, bird nests and more will cause damage to you r gutters

2 Relieve and prevent further stress on your gutters and downpipes

Without regular gutter maintenance, you will never know what is growing on top of your gutters. Or whether something is adding pressure stress to your downpipes.

3 Prevent roof leaks

By having regular check gutter inspections, you are getting ahead of any damage that may be caused by an ongoing issue that you wouldn’t other wise

4 Prevent gutter overflow

This is where water is overflowing in one area and could cause roof leaks, foundation problems, soggy ground, or be hazard to foot traffic if not looked at as soon as possible.

5 Reduce reactive spending

You can’t get up on the roof in the rain or severe weather, so if there is a problem you would most likely notice it during severe weather. You will then have to wait until the weather is clear enough for inspection. By then more damage could have occurred. Prevention maintenance such as gutter checks and cleans would reduce reactive spending, insurance claims (if it’s too much damage) and more. By doing your regular inspection and regular clean you’re not having to pay for that new roof, foundation issue or new gutters.

To help you here is a Gutter Maintenance checklist to look out for regularly:

  1. How much debris is in your gutters
  2. Missing or falling nails, screws or brackets
  3. Stilled water
  4. Cracked or sagging pipes
  5. Rust or mould spots
  6. Discolouring under the gutters or along the walls

Read here to download your checklist.

Doing this check regularly may reduce the frequency requirements for your gutter cleaning, check with your gardening or maintenance team if they could add a check, once a month. This would and could save you time and prevent damage to your building. Just remember if you’re doing the checks yourself, to remain safe, use a ladder that extends at least 1m past your roofline and ensure you have someone holding the ladder and watching you at all times. Our technician normally use harnesses and have working for height cards.

How often should you book in your gutter clean?

If you don’t have trees and the building is relatively low maintenance or new, then once every 12 months is ample.

If you find that you have large tree branches over-hanging your building. Or debris is constantly flying on your roof. Having regular gutter maintenance scheduled on a quarterly or half-yearly would be recommended. It really depends on your property as to the frequency is necessary.

Need Gutter Maintenance for your commercial property?

Mathiou Services is a professional and experienced gutter maintenance company in Australia. We have helped many commercial property owners and centre managers with scheduled works. Schedule maintenance before the peak season and ensure a happy and safe surrounding for you and your employees. Contact us on 1300 363 423 or send us your enquiry below.