There are two types of services that are recommended for an air conditioner cleaning:

  1. An aircon servicing/general maintenance is a general clean of the filters and checks over the machine every 6 months.
  2. A chemical clean gets rid of any mould and bacteria with a complete clean of all parts, it is generally done annually.

Contaminated A/C systems are a breeding ground for mould. The air is constantly passing through the filters, heat exchanger, and fan barrels which are a breeding ground for mould spores, fungi, and bacteria than fan-forced throughout the space.

Here are 5 benefits of maintaining your air conditioner units:

  1. Extends the life of your aircon unit

The importance of servicing air conditioning equipment.

Air conditioning systems are a significant expense to any business or homeowner. With regular maintenance of your system and regular air conditioner cleaning, the reactive breakdown cost is significantly reduced, the cost of operation and carbon footprint is significantly reduced and the quality of air being circulated in the room is not tainted by smelly, dusty bacteria from within the system.

  1. Creates Healthy Air

Air-conditioned air is the primary air we breathe in a workplace. Air conditioning systems don’t create air, they move it.

Irrespective of what air conditioning equipment you have, Air passes through the air conditioning systems coil to which can be compromised by dirt, dust, and mould to which is typically present in equipment to which isn’t taken care of via a maintenance plan. Air conditioners can exacerbate various health issues like Asthma or allergies.

  1. Prevents Critical Failure

When undertaking preventive maintenance, it is the primary role of the technician to identify any issues that may occur causing downtime to your system. COULD THIS IMPACT YOUR BUSINESS?

Air conditioners are like any piece of mechanical equipment and if not maintained properly, can fail.

Compressor motor burnouts or complete system failure can be the most expensive breakdowns that you can be subject too.

Air conditioning compressors are subject to failure if ‘liquid flood back’ occurs. This can be a direct result of reduced airflow through an evaporator from dirty filters, a soiled coil, soiled evaporator fan blades, and on larger systems incorrectly tensioned motors belts/pulleys. All of which is actioned as part of a service.

  1. Reduces Running Cost

The issues previously outlined also contribute heavily to running expenses. Systems that labour, not cycle on/off effectively, and draw excessive current during operation due to increased load.

These issues significantly increase the power consumption, compressor run time, and decreased system efficiency.

  1. Helps to comply with Manufacturer’s Warranty Requirement

Different manufacturers have different warranty conditions. Some brands require users to engage and have lots of regular aircon servicing to maintain the unit in good working condition. These may need to be provided in the event of a warranty claim.

What is part of an Air Conditioner Chemical clean

This is for an aircon clean including Splits, Cassettes & Ducted:

  • Set up safe working area,
  • Run and test system operation and controls,
  • Clean return air filters,
  • Isolate System,
  • Dismantle Evaporator Covers,
  • Apply Coil Cleaning Agent,
  • Thoroughly Hydroclean & Sanitise system Evaporator, fan blades and drain pan. Capture waste in the treatment bag.
  • Refit covers.
  • Run system and test operation on all modes.
  • Ensure operation on both heating and cooling modes.
  • Report on general condition of unit.
  • Check for signs of refrigerant leaks
  • Leave area clean and tidy.

Leaving your system running at its healthiest since new

What is part of general Aircon Servicing/maintenance? 

  • Washing of aircon filter with fresh water and if needed replacement as well.
  • Proper cleaning of AC fan coil
  • Cleaning of the drain pipe
  • Identification and solution of any noise problem
  • Checking the cooling status and solving issues

(Please note each aircon clean can vary per Aircon specialist)

Need an Aircon Chemical Clean?

Mathiou Services offers both Aircon Servicing and Aircon Chemical Clean Services Australia-wide.