There is nothing as serious as a gas leak in any premises whether in a childcare centre or another commercial building. It can have some adverse effects on your health as well as cause a significant amount of damage under different circumstances. It is vital that you are able to carry out maintenance so as to deter any possible gas leaks.

In detecting a gas leak;

This is primarily the major way you can detect a gas leak in your premises. Usually, natural gas has no color, no smell and is lighter than normal air. Even so, manufacturing companies add a distinctive odorant so that it can be detected by smelling it. This odorant will make the gas to smell like rotten eggs. When there is a leak, usually the gas will rise because of its light density and spread all over the premises. Any time you enter a premise and get the funny smell all over the place, then trust your sense of smell.


When you are faced with the problem of a gas leak, it is crucial that you know how to keep yourself safe from the adverse effects of the gas. First and foremost, make sure that you completely avoid any ignitions; this covers naked flame, matches, lighters and everything that will yield a fire. Also, do not switch on any electrical appliances or even light switches.

Evacuate the premises at once. If there are other people in the building ask them to step outside in a calm way so that they do not get scared and respond inappropriately. They should go to a faraway place from the premises.

Go to the gas meter and turn off the gas from there. This is because you can never be too sure where the gas is leaking from. It may not be from the appliances but the pipes that carry the gas into the premises. It is, therefore, prudent that you contact a professional to take care of the problem from the source.


Contact us for maintenance services so that we can take care of your gas leak problem immediately. It is important that the professionals handle it as we are well trained for such emergencies. We are able to detect where the problem is and if it is with the pipes then we will do what needs to be done to solve the problem.