A great way to get children to create and to play socially together is to incorporate sand and water into your centre’s playground.

Sand and water encourages hands on learning that can help improve creative play and can be incorporated into school learning with maths, science, and early development and imagination.

All are important to help a child grow and develop their skills for the future.

Water play

Incorporating water into school activities and play activities can be both fun and educational. In playgrounds; water fountains, water sprays and water play areas are not just great in the warmer months but add another element of fun to playgrounds.

Water play isn’t just all splashing about it can be used to teach where water and rain comes from, how mud is made, and how water can have different textures. Children will learn to dodge, run, and hide whilst playing in water, this can improve basic motor and physical skills.

Sand play

Sandpits and sandplay are no strangers to playgrounds but people often weigh the maintenance as being more difficult to have than not having one. Sand pits and sand play just like water play can introduce the children to more development activities and skills. Instead of just running and swinging in a playground a sandpit forces a child to concentrate on their more creative skills to use imagination to create.

Sand and water play can also have a very calming experience as children can relieve tension by pouring, feeling and swooshing. It encourages children to think and try out new things in a safe environment.

It can sometimes be seen as a messy and hard to maintain feature but with the right planning and general maintenance by our skilled team at Mathiou Services we can get your water and sand play features up and running with general maintenance scheduled in to make sure your playground is always running smoothly.

Contact us on 1300 363 423 if this sounds like something your child care centre, school or centre is in need of, or to find out more about these features.