Playgrounds are a great way for children to enjoy being active and to help aid development and social skills. Going to the playground is a highly requested activity from children so they can run, play and swing. But playgrounds can be a spot for injuries and accidents, usually due to improper use of equipment, outdated equipment or lack of adult supervision.

Mathiou Services place high importance on the development and safety of children, to ensure your centre’s playground remains safe it is important that the necessary precautions are taken. Here are some good practices that can make your playground safer.

Age appropriate playground equipment

First of all, a playground should be appropriate to the correct age group. One reason why children hurt themselves on playgrounds is because they are using equipment that isn’t designed for their age group or skill level. Some playgrounds will have designated areas for both older and younger children, but if a younger child displays interest in the bigger equipment try and guide them to another activity or help them complete the activity by holding their hand.

Updated equipment/regular maintenance

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A very important part of a playground is that they need to be as safe as possible for children to play with. If the equipment is outdated this can lead to surface materials no longer being shock absorbent or swings swinging in the wrong direction. A quick look at the quality and general wear and tear of the playground equipment will allow you to see what needs fixing or replacing.

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Correct use of equipment

It’s important that children understand how to use the equipment properly and safely. Talk to the children quickly before they set out to play so they know the rules and dangers. Explain to them about the correct way to play with other children and the importance of using equipment correctly.


It’s the most important and simplest way on keeping your child safe. This ties into all the previous points, supervision is crucial to ensuring your children are using the equipment properly, playing fairly with other children and that they are using the correct age appropriate equipment. If they do get injured or start to wander away you’ll be able to retrieve and help them immediately.

Weather play

Another point to take into consideration is weather change, wet weather can make surfaces slippery and can cause more falls and slips. Hot weather can make equipment hot and can cause blisters and burns within minutes if the equipment is not checked before use. Making sure your child stays hydrated is also very important in hot weather, so making sure they drink plenty of water and choose playgrounds with shade.

All of these precautions can help prevent dangers and injuries to children when using playgrounds. If your centre is lacking safety elements of updated equipment and surfaces, or is in need of more shade Mathiou Services are here to help you.

If you need your centre’s playground or space made safer contact us on 1300 363 423 and found out how we can make your centre safer.