As a business owner or operator, it becomes extremely important to keep your facility in the highest working condition, and we know all too well how fast time goes and how maintenance can get pushed to the back of the to-do list.

But as these tasks and jobs keep getting pushed back further and further this can create additional problems for your centre which can result in worse conditions and stressful emergency work. General maintenance is the secret for preventing any surprises and large costs in the future, here are a few reasons why general maintenance is so important.

1. Prevents future surprises and emergency works:

Preventative maintenance is one of the best tips on saving money for your facility. With general maintenance scheduled in regularly, this can help you avoid those nasty unexpected jobs that can have big dollars attached to it in order for it to be repaired or replaced. By finding and fixing the problem straight away this allows the issue to disappear quickly instead of deteriorating. Preventative maintenance is also linked to ad hoc works as unfortunately things do break and general wear and tear does occur, but with regular maintenance, this can be easily avoided or even spotted before anything has time to break.

2. Saves you money:

A big plus in general maintenance is that by making sure things are fixed quickly and efficiently your facility is able to save a lot of money down the track. A small amount of money invested in general maintenance and fixing small problems before they turn in larger issues is better than a big repair job with a large cost. A small discovery of mould in a bathroom can lead to larger problems which could see the whole flooring replaced, all which could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

3. Downtime:

By having scheduled maintenance you will save on downtime. Although we get to our jobs as quickly as possible, if items are fixed preventatively they will not be out of use, saving time your resources could not be available.

All of this can be prevented with our general and scheduled maintenance services at Mathiou Services for your facility or business.

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