Pests are those unwanted, annoying, and unhygienic guests that no one wants to have over. At Mathiou Services we don’t want you worrying about those pesky problems and we are here to help you with all your pest problems.

A few of the pests that we can help with:


They love to hang around rubbish, food scraps and under dirty benches and tables. Sometimes they can be hard to avoid, but if you find your building has an uncontrollable number of flies it could be due to another underlying problem.


Like flies, they love to hang around anything dirty, in drains, behind stoves, in cupboards and under floors. They are sneaky at getting in and can breed further if not removed correctly. A special control treatment by our team will need to be implemented to fully eliminate and prevent them from coming back.


Ants will usually show up before or after a big rain, and use wall cavities and ceiling voids for a source of shelter and food. This can lead to serious problems if they go unnoticed for a long time.


Australia is home to a large number of spiders and they are usually found in ceilings and wall cavities but can hide in all sorts of spots. Don’t let any spiders catch you off guard, by having regular pest control inspections and control systems put in place you can be assured that we’ll keep your place safe.


Check to make sure all food is disposed of in a secure bin as quickly as possible. Leaving food out on the bench or spilling out of the bin is certainly a delight for pests such as flies, cockroaches and ants. For spiders ensure your garden maintenance is up to date getting rid of perfect hiding spots.

Don’t let the pests be in control, get in first and eliminate any unwanted guests now.

From flies, cockroaches, ants, and spiders we are the solution for all your pest worries!

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