Letting go of items and keepsakes are hard, but when it comes down to your gutters it’s important to know when to let them go and replace them with new ones if they are beyond fixing.

Depending on how old your gutters are and what condition they are in from damage that has occurred over time will depend on whether they stay or go. Gutters can in fact be repaired and fixed if they begin to crack, have breaks in them or just have some general wear and tear from natural weathering, but is it worth it down the track?

Should you repair or replace your gutters?

It may be worth paying the extra costs for a new gutter installation than having to fix it every few months when they play up. Getting a good design and material will considerably reduce leaks, cracks and clogging in the future as well as it having a longer life expectancy.

There are a few things to look for when deciding if your gutters need replacing or fixing; is the colour fresh on the gutter or is there a noticeable discolouration? You should consider how old they are and when they were replaced last. If you can’t remember the last time they were replaced and there is discolouration it could be that you need to get your facility new gutters.

If it’s just a small leak or a small area that needs fixing a full replacement might not be required.

If you are unsure about the quality of your gutters, or if they are looking a bit worn out. A quick check from our team at Mathiou Services can determine if there any problems that need urgent fixing or if the whole system needs replacing.

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