The best thing about synthetic turf (also referred to as artificial turf or Astroturf) is it’s “low maintenance” requirement compared to natural grass.  Depending on the type of artificial turf you have chosen, it can combat the heat, rain, and high foot traffic and still look great after. But it does need some care to prolong its life so if yours is looking a little flat, dirty or mouldy then here are a few tips on how to “bring it back to life”

  1. Remove excess sand or debris with a high-pressure blower
  2. For general clean – Give it a high-pressure water clean – standard hoses can only do so much even with a bit of pressure, a commercial high-pressure machine will do more to your grass than a standard hose. High-pressure water clean is not for regular use and in fact, if used too frequently, depending on the condition of your existing grass, could damage your turf. This is generally the case if your turf is too old, too thin due to high traffic use or weir and tier or was previously damaged. We would recommend a once a month commercial high pressure clean.
  3. To lift, flattened astroturf piles use a Power broom, you would have seen this after it was installed, this just helps to even out any sand and like a finely bristled brush in your hair makes the grass threads stand up in the right direction – (the type of astroturf pile you have can determine the outcome)
  4. For mould, mildew, or stained artificial turf – a commercial high pressure clean will suffice

Sometimes simply maintaining or cleaning your astroturf is not an option because of the condition of your existing astroturf. If this is the case talk to us about the possibility of upgrading your astroturf. We have over 11 years experience working with some simple and some complex yards and we tend to work with you, whether it’s a timing restraint or a case of child to space ratio requirements or even staging for pricing requirements.  Talk to our team via phone, via video call or click here to contact us.

Examples of astroturf upgrades

Astro Turf and fortBimbi Day Care Sandpit
Sunny toddlers playground before paint polesNew baby and toddlers playground
Bright Buttons Bike Path upgradestepping path
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