What is an air conditioner service and why do I need it?

In order for your air conditioner units to function efficiently and in some cases to meet your unit’s warranty there are a few servicing’s you need to have done regularly on your HVAC, split units and cassettes.

See the table below of general servicing and their frequency. We recommend you check your operations manual for specific information:

What kinds of services do I need, regularly for my AC unit/s?

There are two types of services that are recommended for an aircon:

  1. An aircon servicing/general maintenance is a general clean of the filters and checks over the machine. This should be done every 6 months at a minimum.
  2. A chemical clean gets rid of any mould and bacteria with a complete clean of all parts, and should be done annually.



Clean your filters regularly ideally monthly or every 6 months (min)
Replace your filters Every 12 – 24 months or when needed
Check your refrigerant is keeping cool Every 6 months
Get your aircon coils cleaned Every 12 months
Clean the aircon drains Every 12 months or when needed
Change the Blower Filter Every 6 months
Clean the fins of the outdoor HVAC Every 6 months

What is a chemical clean?

A chemical clean is a process where you disassemble all the parts inside the air condition (compressor, filter, condenser, etc.) and soak them in a chemical solution. The internal pipes of the air conditioner are also flushed with a chemical solution. This helps to remove sticky debris and acids from the air conditioning parts.

It is the process where the internal components of your air-con get washed down with chemicals. First, your unit would be taken apart, exposing the evaporator coils, condenser and air filters. The parts are then placed in a chemical solution which would help remove any dirt particles, and corrosive acid stuck onto the pieces.

The chemical wash could also be used to wash down the drainage pipes to ensure that any algae or gunk is wholly eroded and washed out. Have a look here for more on the benefit of chemical cleaning vs standard aircon cleaning, click here.

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