How to care for your shade sail

Generally, your shade sail is made to protect you from high UV, is fire rated, and is tough and durable. But depending on the type of fabric there are some things you can do to care for your shade sail.

  1. Clear off any debris or water that it may be holding – hopefully, there isn’t much water and your installer has angled it so it doesn’t hold anything but if it has you will need to remove it to reduce damage. As for debris, this may be leaves or objects that have been pushing down on it like tree branches.
  2. Make sure the tension is tight- if it’s flapping it needs tightening. If it’s not tightened promptly it could cause mechanical failure and may breach your manufacturing warranty which can be up to 10 years if you keep to your manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. In the event of strong winds or cyclones – bring the shade sail down to avoid safety issues and damage.
  4. Re-stitch after 3-7 years to ensure the cloths stay intact – If you do have threads disintegrating get them re-stitched through a professional sail repair company.
  5. Clean your shade sails regularly – depending on the type of shade sail you have, the best way to clean your shade sail is with a mild ph neutral soap and water or if the shade sail quality is great you can simply use a pressure wash.

TIPS on cleaning your shade sail

  • Do on a sunny day to ensure the cloth dries
  • DO NOT pressure wash if your shade sail isn’t in TOP condition and IS old and brittle as this will damage the cloths
  • If using mild low PH soap and water, make sure you rinse with water afterwards
  • DO NOT use a harsh brush, use a brush with soft bristles only
  • DO NOT use chemicals to clean, only use a Ph neutral product

Here is a table of recommended maintenance for a shade sail

Recommended Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance Performed By Frequency Importance
Annual Inspection Shade Sail Professional Recommended Once a Year This will give you a report on the condition of the shade sail and highlight any small issues before they become big problems. *We can offer the first 12-month inspection free for any clients we install and provide scheduled services for.
Re-Tension Shade Sail Professional As Required Shade sails which are loose are more prone to damage. Without optimum tension on your shade sails damage can occur to the fabric and support structure. Rectify immediately if this occurs
Re-Stitching Shade Sail Professional As Required Over the years the stitching can give way due to sun damage
Cleaning Owner or Commercial Cleaner or Shade Sail Professional Recommended each 6–12 months or as required Cleaning ensures all environmental residues are removed to increase the life of the fabric while reducing the likelihood of stains or mould growth on the fabric
If you need help with your shade sails – contact us today!