Childcare centres must maintain a clean and safe environment for kids’ health and well-being. After all, parents rely on such facilities to look after their little ones. But like any commercial space, childcare centres can be at risk of pest infestations. So, if you’re a childcare centre owner or day care service provider, it’s your duty to plan and implement childcare-friendly pest control policies and procedures all year. Here are some tips on how to perform effective pest control for childcare centres. 


Cockroaches are a common pest found in childcare centres and can cause asthma and allergies in children. What are the signs of infestation? If you see live cockroaches, find their droppings everywhere or notice an unexplainable musty smell in certain areas, that could indicate you have a cockroach infestation. 

How to keep your day care centre free from cockroaches? Regular cleaning is the answer. Children are bound to leave crumbs and spills when they eat, so pay particular attention to food debris, as it attracts cockroaches. Also, seal cracks and crevices where cockroaches may enter. Does your facility already have an infestation? Use non-toxic, child-friendly baits and traps to control their population.


Termites can cause structural damage to buildings and are a significant concern for childcare centres, especially if they have wooden structures like patios or play areas. Regular inspections and maintenance of the building’s wooden structures can help detect and prevent termite infestations. Watch out for common signs of termite infestation, like mud tubes, discarded wings and noticeable damage to wooden structures. If a termite infestation is found, proceed by using non-toxic, child-friendly methods for termite control, such as baits, traps, and physical barriers.


Rodents such as rats and mice can carry diseases and contaminate food and surfaces with their droppings. To control rodents, seal all entry points, remove food and water sources, and use child-friendly traps and baits. It is essential to keep the day care centre clean and free of clutter, as rodents like to hide in dark, cluttered areas. How do you know if you have rodents in your facility? Signs of infestation include seeing droppings, gnaw marks and signs of nesting in hidden dark areas. 

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Again, your centre is likely to have food crumbs everywhere since you’re dealing with toddlers and kids all day. To prevent ant infestations, store food in airtight containers and clean up spills promptly. Seal all entry points and ensure regular floor sweeping and cleaning. Vacuuming the floors and carpets a few times a week can also help rid food debris that might attract ants. 


Mosquito bites are never good news because mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. One good way to prevent them from lurking in your childcare centre is to remove standing water sources, such as puddles and water containers. Also, use child-friendly mosquito repellents, such as natural oils and insecticidal plants, to keep mosquitoes at bay. 


Flies are attracted to food and can spread diseases such as salmonella and E.coli. How do you know if you already have an infestation? Besides seeing live flies, you will notice their eggs and larvae in your kitchen and other areas. And any increase in their activity should alarm you. To control fly infestations, utilise child-friendly traps and baits while keeping your facility clean and free of any leftover food or debris. 

Keep your pest control solutions child-friendly.

Child-friendly pest control is essential in childcare centres as the solutions should not pose a risk to children’s health. Chemical pesticides, for example, can be harmful to kids. So as we always mention, be sure to use non-toxic, kid-friendly pest control methods. Regular building maintenance and inspection can also help prevent pest infestations, reducing the need for pest control measures altogether.

Additionally, child-friendly pest control measures should not compromise the safety of the building’s structure or the environment. Consider hiring a commercial pest control company with years of experience in childcare centre pest control. That way, you can ensure the methods used are effective, environmentally safe & kid-friendly.

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