As a property maintenance company that pride our selves on solution-based service. We always push for preventative measures as opposed to reactive ones. Reactive work tends to costs more, puts more pressure on the property owner or facility manager to react to a situation almost always after or during the worst case happening. The benefits of regular pest control always outweigh reasons not to have it, especially in a commercially owned property.

Imagine getting to your workplace and a tonne of ants are swamping the front door or in your kitchen!!! Imagine having a nice hot day and you are unable to send kids outside because a swarm of bees were hanging around. Imagine having to close down your premises because termites are overtaking a wall or two or worst 10.

These are just a few reasons scheduling regular pest control services are important.

Here are 5 benefits of having pest control as a scheduled service for your property:

1 Control

Control the budget, control the date, control the spend. When you lock in a scheduled service you already know the budget. You know when it’s due to be scheduled in and when it will need to be paid. And you also know what to expect from your service provider. So, you can be more prepared and continue your week, month and year in control of what is happening at your facility.

2 Peace of mind

When you set up pest control with one company, they take on the responsibility of doing your pest control on a regular basis. You don’t have to worry about scheduling a call because they would be contacting you for approval. You don’t need to get the right paperwork because you know a Report will be created and sent through to you.  You also have already done your research on that company so you already know that they have the correct licences and insurances to complete the work. Not to mention that if they provided a good service. You can see here how to choose good trades.

3. Reduces the risk of breaching health regulations

It’s not just about keeping in control or peace of mind. There are health regulations that require you to provide a safe and healthy environment for people visiting your property. Whether that is for your staff, tenants, visitors, or customers. Having regular pest control ensures your properties are meeting health regulations.

4. Reduces the risk of allergies

Allergies, usually from bites, are quite common for kids and adults with symptoms like reddening around the bites. Some get minor swelling around the bite and others can be fatal as the swelling expands rapidly closing airways. In these situations, you would need an epi-pen. Other allergies are from bee stings and even being in close proximity to certain pests can cause a reaction.


5. Reduces the risk of closure

Usually, this would only take place if your property had termites or if you are a restaurant and it is a health hazard. But it is a risk you take if you aren’t having those regular pest control servicing. With the right technicians, they would be looking out for signs you have a pest infestation of some sort.

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