Autumn has officially started, which means pests find warm places to survive the cooler weather. You don’t want stinky boxelder bugs, cluster flies, rodents and other common pests invading your business. As a business owner, you must prepare your property for pest control, or else it will become their home for the colder seasons. 

To help you get started, here are some preventive measures to avoid stressful pests inhabiting your facility and causing problems for you and your employees. 

1. Seal Off Entry Points

When you thoroughly inspect your building, you’ll notice some cracks or entry points as tiny as 1/4-inch that mice can shimmy through. Make sure to caulk cracks in the foundation of your building. Check if there are cracks on doors and windows and cover all utility entrances and vents. It will also be helpful to remind your employees to keep the screen doors closed at all times.

2. Consider Scheduled Deep Cleaning

Never miss your scheduled deep cleaning and sanitising of the property as it promotes a healthy environment for your employees, customers and everyone who enters the area. It also helps control the spread of viruses and infections carried by people and pests outside.

Protect your building this autumn with pest control services

3. Trim and Clean the Landscape

It’s time for some garden maintenance. Trim branches and bushes so that pests won’t hide underneath them. Keep the lawn free of dead leaves and other debris, where critters will hide. Also, remove overhanging tree limbs within 8 to 10 feet from your facility’s roof. It could be a bridge for squirrels to jump into the ceiling and inside the building. 

4. Keep Your Facility Tidy and Organised

Pests often flee into unorganised or cluttered areas inside the building. Since it is primarily unnoticed, employees should be aware of keeping their working space and storage areas tidy. The key is to monitor your inventory to ensure everything is located in the right places. Also, you’ll have the chance to review and dispose of unnecessary items inside the building.

5. Follow Proper Garbage Disposal

Trash bins inside the office should have tight-fighting lids to prevent pests like roaches or ants from lurking. Consider using metal trash bins instead of plastic alternatives as they don’t absorb foul odour from wastes. Also, remove the garbage inside the building every day and keep nearby dumpsters from the facility sealed and covered. 

Prevent autumn pest infestation in your building before it happens and costs your business more money and time. Pest control services are widely available in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities across Australia. Mathiou Services is one of the names you can trust. 

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