We all know things accumulate over time and that in-between stage as students are farewelled and new one’s are about to begin is perfect to get this done.

Where to start the decluttering process

To start the decluttering process, look at waste removal and clear out all your rooms with

  • discarded art or
  • unwanted projects
  • old furniture
  • old/ worn/ never used or unusable toys
  • old art supplies
  • old stationary, wall planners, and unusable marketing stock
  • donate/discard the old uniforms/ hats
  • throw out the outdated cans of food
  • clear off all desks

4 tips on how to determine whats clutter:

  1. Is it relevant to your current or future needs (not wants)?
  2. Does it get used often?
  3. Has it aged/worn beyond repair?
  4. Is it loved by staff or kids?

Another way to look at it is, is it more valuable to someone else, sold then if it was stored at your facility

Once you have decluttered, you can start on the harder stuff, like deep floor cleaning or revarnishing, carpet shampoo, window cleaning, then complete it with pressure cleaning to get rid of this year’s grime and prepare for a NEW YEAR. For a list of the services you could be doing over the holiday period, click here.

checklist of things to do

Our team can provide help with the big clean up that we know you love to hate from breaking down old furniture and disposal to a full yard clean up.