The biggest holiday and (for some centres) the quietest period is coming up and this is the time to book in those larger jobs that can only be done over this long festive break. Yes, we are talking about Christmas time!

The clean up

  1. Waste removal 

Getting rid of all that old or broken furniture, old art projects & stationary can be quite daunting but as the saying goes “better now then never”. Because, typically there are less people over the holiday periods, it’s a great time to dive in and clear out. The bonus is that you can get someone like Mathiou Services to assist you in the process.

  1. Exterior building or playground pressure clean

Over long periods your building collects a build-up of dust, mould and grime, you may even find hand prints in odd places. It’s always recommended to do an exterior building or playground pressure clean at least once a year if not quarterly to prolong the life of the exterior materials and give it a fresh look.

  1. Floor/Carpet cleaning

To get a thorough clean in and around all your furniture, it needs to be removed and stored… somewhere, usually in a store room or outside undercover. We would recommend doing this during your quietest period.

Carpet Clean Before and After Photos

The one offs

4. Timber Staining

If your deck, timber bridges, or furniture are looking a little tired, faded or worn and need some more life in it. It could be as simble as sanding and staining but even this process can be a nusance when your yard is packed.

Before staining timberTimber Staining
  1. Pest Control

This is generally completed twice a year, and although some are pest control toxins that are child friendly, it is always recommended to be away from the property for a certain period while its done.

  1. Yard Rearrangement

If you have minor plans for your yard to change, the holidays allow the least interruptions to the centres day-to-day activity to complete these works, AND gives the wow factor for your returning staff and clients. Need new planter box moved? or want those chalk boards, sandpit or mud kitchens in? add shade sails? This is the time to get booking and make sure you have the trades when you need them.

  1. Internal & External Paint touch ups

Painting can make a massive difference but there is quite a bit of preparation needed to access all walls without things on them i.e. painting wall art, aircons, old shelves etc, so while you have the least number impacted, schedule in those paint top up jobs for the holiday period to give your facilities a fresh look, increase the value of your property and reduce wear and tear.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

If you have large mature trees surrounding your facility, this should be done seasonally to avoid clogging the gutters, and becoming a fire hazard. Otherwise, twice a year is ample. Not sure if your gutters need cleaning? Read here or have someone assess it for you during a mainteannce check.

  1. Bark, Soil and sand top ups

Bark / soil/ sandpit top up requires a little space to deliver and takes a bit of to and from when putting it in. So, getting in there when there are very few cars in the carparks or people in the way is a more productive way to approach this process. Not to mention the bonus surprising everyone with the new look and feel on their return from the holidays.

  1. TMV & Backflow Testing

For those that haven’t experienced the failings of backflow and TMV testing, let me explain. A TMV testing ensures your taps dont go above a certain temperature at all times – ensuring nobody should get scolded with hot water or reach above the max temperature set by your local council. Your backflow ensures your waste water doesn’t go backwards, contaminating your good water. Read here for more details on this

The big stuff

  1. Playground upgrade

From cubby house builds, custom forts, Astroturf upgrade, new sandpit boxes, upgrading your current fort, these all take careful stage planning to keep the required space for each person in your facility. Take advantage of the low numbers over the holidays to successfully achieve this without interrupting your day to day activities

  1. Shade Sail Replacements

The hottest day in Australia was recorded in January 2018, so if you have looked outside and found a lack in shade. Assess the placement and amount of shade provided in your area, and book during the quiet time.

Does your shade sail need a clean? We can help depending on the age and material of the shade sail.

  1. Deck/ Stage Builds

Everyone loves a great stage, especially for those Christmas performances. If you’re looking to upgrade your current deck or build a new deck the construction process can be quite noisy and reduces the space to child ratio, so organise it during a quiet period.

deck and stage build
  1. Interior Building changes

There are always those little BIG things that need to be done, whether it replastering a wall, updating fixing the lighting or complete overhaul of a room. You want to do it when there is the least interruptions and the Christmas or holidays in general are long enough to accomplish this, so get planning and get booking.

If you would like some help or a quote on any of these jobs phone your local team on 1300 363 423.