Your office space needs to be an area where you and your colleagues can feel motivated and can excel at the day’s tasks. At Mathiou Services we understand that the working environment you surround yourself with is an important factor to increase workflow and motivation.

So you decided you want a fresh new workspace or you’re tempted to change a few things, well look no further! We can help transform your office space into the perfect personal headquarter.

Here are a few changes that we can make for you to help make your office space more interesting:

Desk space and installment

This is where you are going to spend the majority of your day, therefore it’s important to have a desk that is going to have plenty of space for all your documents, computers and files, as well as being the suitable height and style for you. We can provide personalised desk installments, that can be tailored to each individual’s needs and wants.

Colour is connected to moods

Having different colours in your workspace can thoroughly change a person’s mood and

can either help aid productivity or limit it. Colours can inspire, calm and motivate a person depending on the person and the colour. Research has shown that blue tones can affect your mind and that white can give a calming effect. But too much colour can turn a person into overdrive and too much white can produce a sterile harsh environment, the middle ground is to choose a subtle colour in-between the two.

Clean and sophisticated flooring

Having a polished look throughout your office also includes the flooring. Moving desks and chairs around constantly can lead to an unattractive and damaged floor. Make sure your office is polished from ceiling to floor with the help of our flooring specialists.

Having your own personal space to work in allows for creativity and productivity to occur…if the right measures are taken into consideration.

Let us help you take the next step into creating the perfect office space or any other commercial space that is required at 1300 363 423.