Your interior is just as important as your facilities exterior. It is not just the first thing a client or customer will see but it can also significantly improve the mood and functionality of a business.

A dull and colourless exterior doesn’t make for a fun or productive environment, and with children’s playgrounds and centres it is vital to keep the exterior safe and regularly maintained. This can include any visuals from gardening elements, water features, paint jobs, decks, playground maintenance, and debris clean up. All of these are extremely important in making sure your facility is working efficiently and safely.

No matter your facility everyone likes to look out at a beautiful exterior. Regular garden maintenance can help keep and attract new clients and customers to your business and can massively improve one’s mood.

Without regular garden maintenance the exterior of your facility can quickly start to fall apart due to weather conditions, general wear and tear and being left unattended too long. Lawns, flowerbeds, and any shaped hedges will become overgrown and unruly leaving a disgruntled and messy appearance.

Timber decks will lose its luster and shine, sand and bark pits can accumulate debris, dangerous sharp objects and can become home to pests. If left for too long this list will just grow and the job will become a larger problem to fix and cost more.

With regular maintenance to your exterior and garden this can ensure that any minor problems that need fixing can be easily repaired without having to fully replace it. A fresh coat of stain protects wood from the harsh weather conditions instead of letting it rot away each changing weather season.

At Mathiou Services we understand how hard it can be to stay on top of all this, as well as the upkeep of the interior of your facility. That’s why we offer our easy scheduled garden maintenance where you can be assured that your facility will always be looked after.

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