• 5 ways to fix scuff marks on painted walls
  • 5 ways to fix scuff marks on painted walls - clear eraser
  • 5 ways to fix scuff marks on painted walls - dishwashing method
  • 5 ways to fix scuff marks on painted walls- magic eraser-melamine cloth
  • 5 ways to fix scuff marks on painted walls - baking soda method
  • 5 ways to fix scuff marks on painted walls - paint touch up

Have you got a lot of scuff marks on walls from chairs or painted furniture leaning against the wall? Had an object graze the wall or kids hit it with a sword? Fun fact you may be just need a few tools:

  1. Soft cloth
  2. Melamine cloth
  3. dishwashing liquid (with degreaser)
  4. Baking soda
  5. Bowl
  6. Water

5 Solutions to fixing scuff marks on a Painted wall

If you have a lot of furniture, a lot of kids, or you simply made a whoopsie mark on the wall, try these 5 methods to removing:

  1. Use a clean eraser

If it’s just a light line then – Yes, a simple clear eraser can do the trick specifically if it’s on glossy painted skirtings, great on poles. Not always great on flat matt wall though.

Run the eraser along the mark lightly and watch them disappear.

Great for crayon marks, light scuff marks on walls

  1. Melamine cloth (magic eraser)

If it’s a bit more than a light scuff, simply damp the melamine cloth in water (don’t soak), ring out the cloth and wipe down the wall in a circular motion (not hard).

  1. Dishwashing liquid method

Pour dishwashing liquid and water into a bowl, 3 drops is ample. Dip a soft cloth (no colours) in the bowl and ring out so it is not soaked.

Wipe the wall in a circular motion until the mark is gone. Use the dry cloth on the wall once you are done.

  1. Natural alternative – soda and water paste *

Create a paste from baking soda and water. 1 tablespoon baking soda and 4 drops of water were enough for one small mark, mix until it is a paste. To mix a bulk go 1/4 cup of soda, 4 tablespoons of water. You want a thick but runny texture. Some people add vinegar to this to activate the ingredients more, I found both methods worked. Lightly wipe the paste onto the affected area, gently wipe in circles (not hard or you will damage the paint). Wipe down with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth.

  1. LAST RESORT – Touch-up paint or do a complete repaint using a more durable paint

If you have tried to clean the walls/ doors and the scuff marks actually look like they are more than just a scuff, then you will need to repaint the wall. You can either do this yourself or ask your maintenance team if they can do visit with this in mind. Ask them to use a like for like colour with a more durable paint.

*NOTE: Don’t scrub hard, rub firmly only as you can remove the paint, – if you are unsure try methods in a hidden area first.

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