As we run into spring, our team has been working closely with The Learning Tree Aspley to revamp the centres playground in time for summer. The main focus on the playground upgrade is to bring more natural features to the playground, inspiring the children to explore and play.

The playground will include some fantastic accessories such as a climbing area, forts, and a garden. After this transform, the children at this child care centre will be able to enjoy the outside space over the years to come.  Centre manager Stacey Lovett is excited to see the upgrades happen, “we are excited to see more natural environments added to the playground, as well as improving the safety across the play areas.” Stacey expects the revamp to impact overall occupancy of the centre as well as improve the name of the centre within the community.

Transformation includes:

  • An interactive garden
  • A new decking around the tree
  • New natural turf on the grounds
  • A fresh new fort will replace the old weathered fort
  • Removal of old tyres which will be replaced by built in garden beds
  • Removal of the old crocodile and wet pour
  • A sandpit with fences on either side of it will be added in where the old crocodile was
  • Adding in a climbing area on the outside slope and covering that area with green astro turf
  • Creating a bark pit with timber log seats around it for the children to sit on
  • Sandpit top up
  • Tree grooming beside the sandpit
  • Repainting the other fort and replacing the metal accessory with a timber play game

Keep your eyes out for more updates as we progress through the three stages. Here is the first images from the initial stages, take a look for yourself;