Summer is slowly approaching, and as the days get warmer you’ll begin to think about turning that air conditioner on to keep your centre cool and under control. But an important question you should ask yourself is, have you tested the air conditioner before the hotter months arrive? With summer on the way, it is very important to test your air conditioner before it becomes a huge problem.

Here are 5 things you should look out for when testing your air conditioner:

1 Strange Smell –

If you can smell a mouldy odour coming from the air conditioner this can often indicate that the unit may have stopped handling moisture the way it should and can lead to mould growing in the system. If the smell is something closer to a burning or metallic smell it is most likely an electrical problem, if this is the case you should turn the unit off and get it serviced as soon as possible.  

2 Short Cycling –

Thermostat or electrical issues can be the cause of short cycling, however, there are many other mechanical problems that can be the cause. Short cycling is caused by constantly running the air conditioner with only very brief breaks in between.

3 Weird Noises –

Loud strange noises coming from your air conditioner is never a positive, if you hear any grinding, banging or ticking sounds that usually means you have a mechanical issue and should get a service as soon as possible. This will ensure that your air conditioner is running perfectly in the hotter months of summer.

4 Dripping Water –

If you notice any dripping water coming from your air conditioner this can be caused by poor airflow, meaning there is a clogged filter or there is an issue with the drainage system. Water leakage could also be an extent of condensation freezing on the evaporator coils, which is often caused by a refrigerant leak. However, it could also be caused by blocked drains, dirty air filters or even the humid weather. All fairly simple fixes that can be done during spring so to keep you cool amongst the scorching heat when summer comes around.

5 Warm Air

One of the worst problems that no one needs during summer is when your air conditioner will only blow out warm air. This often means that there is an issue with the compressor and may also indicate that the unit is leaking from the refrigerant. To ensure your air conditioner only blows out cool crisp air this summer it’s better to get it checked over by our expert technicians.

If any of these problems do arise your air conditioner is telling you that it is in desperate need of a service. To avoid or to prevent coming across any of these issues you should give the Mathiou Services team a call on 1300 363 423 to come out and inspect your air conditioner.