The free and creative space that a playground offers is very important for children. It offers much more than entertainment. Your backyard or garden must have certain facilities and features which can add to the fun for the children. If you want to refurbish or upgrade your playground, here are a few things to think about adding;

Ways to upgrade your garden and landscape

Add a fort or upgrade the existing one

Adding a fort in the outdoor play area is a great idea. Children love forts because it gives them their special space which is exciting. Children can use it for meetings with their friends, playhouse or have their own adventures. Choose the right commercial builder to build a strong, durable and safe fort that ensures their security.

Forts build

Add a Yarning circle

The Yarning circle plays an important part in Aboriginal culture and Torres Strait Islander culture, it is a space to share ideas, build respectful relationships, and to preserve and pass on cultural knowledge. The children can use the Yarning circle to talk, play or sing songs. It can be used for educational purposes as well. Yarning circles are great for enhancing social and communication skills in young children. They learn to share and participate in group activities. Parents and teachers can also take part and teach them new things.

Install shade sails

If your playground is sun-drenched and lacks shady areas, install shade sails. The look of your garden will be transformed and there will be a cool shady area. Your kids can play in the shade during the summer season without getting sunburnt. Depended upon your state there are requirements for shade across your play areas, the Mathiou Services’ team can help you determine what your requirements are before installing new shade sails.

Stretton Playground Deck with pagola tranformation

Plant more trees in an organised way

Planting more trees will overhaul the look of your garden and create more of a natural environment in your playground. However, you need to take into consideration whether the trees are non-toxic and how big they may grow. The Mathiou Services’ team can ensure these things are considered before planting your new trees.

Add to the garden decor

Adding stepping stones, wooden balance beams, bridges and teepees makes the garden interactive for children. They can enjoy all the elements and create their own adventures.

These features can help children remain active physically and mentally. It will keep them engaged and improve their social skills.

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